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My name is Synne Nilsson, I am a passionate photographer born and raised in Norway. Despite the beautiful landscape and nature in the North, my main passion is to capture powerful, vivacious images of people - doing what they love to do. Capturing the moment of fervent, emotional, (hairy), energetic and impassionate people is something that makes my job the best in the world. 

My passion for photography has always been there, but I did not truly discover it until I became a photographer for the Norwegian Armed Force - as a part of my compulsory military service. 
To photograph several people in a place where everyone is supposed to be as one, gave me the opportunity to focus on the person 'behind' the uniform - which helped me seeing things from a whole new perspective. 

I started shooting concerts at 'Hulen Bergen' and later worked as a festival photographer at Norway Rock Festival and Download Festival in Donington. 
I also studied Photography at Middlesex University in London UK.

Selected publications: Forsvaret, iFinnmark, NRK, Sunnmøringen, TV2, Aftenposten, VG, Scream Magazine, Norway Rock Magazine, Heavymetal.no

I'm currently based in Bergen Norway, but I'm available for commissions all around the world.

Prints of my images are available on request. For bookings, rates and other enquiries please email: nilssonsynne@gmail.com

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